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Početno engaged in the floor foreign trade business

“The key is not how much you charge, but because of the unfairness of fees! As far as I know, foreign companies have to use their patents, paying much less than us, probably at around US$0.1. The data may not be accurate, but the gap is so Big I dare to promise.” “Now there is almost no profit space” Why is there a wide gap between domestic and foreign patent fees? On the 16th, the author telephoned Mr. Song of Shanghai
Representative Company of Belgium Unilin Flooring Co., Ltd., indicating that the patent fees for locks should be notified by e-mail. After the arrangement, the headquarters will give a reply. Mr. Wu, the Shanghai representative of Valinge Company, said that there is no oral quotation for patent fees. There are indeed problems with e-mail contact. The e-mail address will be fed back to the author in a timely manner. In early years, he
was engaged in the floor foreign trade business in Changzhou, and later Dai Ying, who had moved to Shanghai for a “export-to-export” attitude, said: “It is a fact that foreign companies and domestic companies have different payment standards and even say that there is a big gap, compared with domestic companies, they are not. the same". “Because the patent unit price paid by each company is negotiated with the two companies
ow make a bench out of left over wood

cara memasang pagar panel wpc beton

composite flooring tile versus laminate flooring
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