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Početno export flooring business

business. Referring to the current issue of reducing overseas export business for most companies, the head of a floor company stated that the current slowdown in China's floor exports is mainly due to the following four reasons: the increase in domestic production costs, the lack of competitive prices, the lack of independent brands, and the absence of products More technical content; similar styles. He mentioned that consumers in some
developed countries are very demanding on product quality. If they want to seize this market, they must have their own brands while ensuring product quality, so that they can achieve significant development. Adhering to Exports Facilitates Product Design R&D In the face of the current situation, some flooring companies that once paid great attention to export business volume have begun to adjust. A floor company whose export volume
once accounted for 50% of the company's total sales, and this year's export business accounts for less than 20% of the total business. Mr. Qiao, chairman of the company, stated that in the past, the company’s export products were mainly floor-reinforced flooring, and its products were sold in dozens of countries. In recent years, the significant reduction in export business has been mainly affected by the impact of the overall international
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