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Početno companies like iconostasis floor

many companies do Do not have the ability to expand new channels. Controversy over channels never stops paving channels Eight Immortals crosses the sea The reporters learned that in the construction of traditional channels, the methods of the various companies are not the same. Some companies choose to spread the network and cultivate new agents, after a period of inspections. Survival of the fittest. This method of selection may
lead to real money in the sand, but it may also result in high costs and create a bad impression on the brand image in the minds of consumers. More companies may choose to merge and choose among some mature agents, and use the channels of other brands for their own use. This is a relatively easy and effort-saving approach, but at the same time, companies should also be loyal to the distributors. There is some degree of doubt. During the
visit, the reporter found that some large-scale branded companies like iconostasis floor, in addition to vigorously expanding the traditional channels and expanding market share, also began to get involved in new channels and increase the promotion of new channels; of course, there are other ways to go Manufacturers of individual channel construction, such as Pan-American flooring, are an extremely excellent manufacturer that will make
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