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Staro 12-07-2018, 08:14 AM
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Početno Bvlgari released 2018 autumn and winter leather goods and accessories series

The bright colors of the eyes, the clear geometric lines and the simple abstract shape are enough to make the luxurious leather indulge in the beautiful appearance. With its streaked stripes, layered structure, unique delicate tones, striking texture contrast and unique style, the Bvlgari 2018 Fall/Winter collection features ingenious design magic. The pure and unconventional geometric concept with surprise elements, Bulgari's autumn and winter series further explains its fashion concept of individuality. As a master of jewellery with amazing creativity, color matching and bright eyes.

Bulgari's new accessories and leather collections create a pleasing combination of glitz and restraint, clean lines and colorful prints, which are fascinating and unforgettable. The extraordinary and magical artistic conception, the splendid charm and brilliance, the unconventional pioneering attitude reveals Bulgari's iconic self-confidence. Color aesthetics amber, warm heart when autumn is getting cold, injecting vitality into the 2018 autumn and winter collection, presenting the warm earth color carefully selected by Bulgari.

Bright, warm and cheerful, the quiet and quiet winter style exudes an inspiring enthusiasm, flashing vitality. The masterpiece that best reflects this new fashion feature comes from the classic SerpentiForever collection. The soft multi-layered calfskin structure creates a striking layering and three-dimensional effect, while the legendary snake head lock is an attractive iconic element. As a Replica Bulgari Handbag Online, she is glamorous – as attractive as the source of inspiration for her jewels, and as charming as the name of the snake she is given, an intimate companion in your daily life. It is worthy of a lifetime of true love. Bulgari regards color as the core of the design. The new multi-color style makes the SerpentiForever calfskin bag show a more diverse and evergreen fashion style: avant-garde bold mixed amethyst and solemn and elegant moonlight rock The living color language continues to deconstruct the mysterious and charming temperament of the snake.

The new amber Divas'Dream crossbody bag also shows this splendid and colorful feel. The iconic fan lock and calfskin body are in a well-balanced orange-red tone. Stripe effect! Whether horizontally vertical or criss-crossed, stripes are a never-ending decorative element. Under the metallic bronze and dark silver luster, the stripes on the black calfskin look unique, with a classic geometric structure and delicate lustrous textures for a dazzling psychedelic visual effect. Want to enjoy the beauty of stripes? Look at the new Bulgari Classic SerpentiForever collection, which is available every season. Stylish and practical, the new Serpenti full-stripe metallic calf leather cross-body bag, with a distinctive urban temperament, with a variety of leather handles, can be slanted, shoulder-shouldered, portable, ideal accessories for all shapes , show a variety of personality style. The iconic snake head lock adds a glamorous finishing touch to the overall design. The double contrast between color and material highlights the style of an avant-garde pioneer. The highly skilled Bulgari craftsmen personally stitched and stitched different types of leather to create a well-balanced structural texture.

There is also a stripe style for a more luxurious and luxurious crossbody bag: Bvlgari SerpentiFullPop-stripePython features a collection of elements, sophisticated materials, bright color schemes, and heavy geometric lines. It is full of aura and luxury. Royal sapphire blue or amber with pure black stripes, exquisite workmanship and slimness: first draw two kinds of background color on the suede by hand, highlight the natural texture, and then use the pen to draw the stripes. The average production time of a single bag lasted nearly two days, and the quality was outstanding and the beauty was unique. The wonderful combination of fashion and craftsmanship, seamless fabric and design, Bvlgari SerpentiForeverStripedGaluchat discovers the most precious and gorgeous side of the striped elements. This black and bronzed Replica luxury handbag is made entirely of pearl fish skin. This extremely thin, extremely fragile, extremely small leather was one of the most difficult materials to process at the time. Bulgari's culmination of the craftsmanship of the craftsmanship, the pearlfish skin is dyed black with a long history of traditional techniques, and then the craftsman uses a gas pen to paint the bronze stripes to create a sense of contrast, and finally sprinkle with fine metal foil to create "Flash drill" effect. Pinning the secret language to chase every day of whimsy, find the rhythm of personality. The way to be good is the way of personality! The key lies in the fascinating details that are not elegant and elegant. Designed by Replica Bvlgari Handbags, the precious and avant-garde studs pay tribute to the rock-and-roll craze of the 1970s, and it is a resounding whirlwind with an amazing and full-fledged Roman style. It is the ideal accessory for shaping the ever-changing styling.
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