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Početno Floor business exports

(DOC) "double reverse" final decision was invalid, China's composite floor business Dumping and anti-subsidy will be exempted from double tax rates; but if the industry fails to fail, DOC's final ruling will continue to be implemented. The floor exporters should review the tax rates once a year. It is not yet clear whether the tax rates will increase or decrease in the future. China Floor business exports to the United States situation is still
grim. It is understood that life home attaches great importance to R & D investment, annual R & D investment accounts for more than 3% of operating income, and increased year by year. This ratio is much higher than the average R & D expenses of China's top 500 enterprises in operating income ratio of 1.32%, which is equivalent to the average R & D expenses of 500 of the world's top 3% -5% of operating income.In today's economic
environment, the overall environment is less than ideal, the development of the flooring industry has started to move toward "polarization". From the current status of the flooring enterprises, the premium of the flooring brands to the business environment of the flooring enterprises are all the same. In this trend of development, the flooring industry can be said to be in the era of development opportunities and industry coexist. On the one
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