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Post Shingen visa

For Students and Faculty Members of Universities: Student International Student Card, Certificate of Education, Principle of Recruitment, and Latest Legal Fee

For students: Student or Student Certificate

For the owners of private companies (CEO, Board of Directors ...): Principal newsletter of the company's establishment and the newspaper's latest latest changes, a certificate of employment with a position and work record and personal details (name and passport number ...) Starting date To work with the certification on the company header (depending on the type of embassy preferably Tien language)

For private company employees: A copy of the company's official newsletter and the company's latest newspaper, employment certificate, position, work experience, salary and benefits, and personal info (name and passport number ...) Start date, salary, date Starting and finishing the vacation (depending on the type of embassy, ​​preferably Tien language) Insurance list from the Social Security Office (insurance record 1 year before travel)

For Public Sector Employees: Last Work Order / Latest Legal File

For retirees: Last retirement pension / Last legal pocket

For business: principle of business license / original business card

For Doctors: The Principle of Medical Licensing / Original Card Medical System

For Engineers: Principle of Engineering License / Principle of Engineering System Card

For Builders: Principle of Building Certification / Principle of Work Contracts / Principal End of Construction Work

For lawyers: Principle of Attorney / Original Attorney Card

Note: For those whose sources of income are provided in various ways, the provision of evidence for their source of income is required, such as the provision of a lease or long-term deposit and an account with which long-term deposit is paid to it (minimum opening time of the account Long-term should be 3 months before the date of the passenger's journey).
Banking and Financial Documents
For short or current accounts Shingen visa

Mini-print of the last 3 months with the full name of the traveler and the approval of the relevant bank (depending on the type of embassy from 3 months to 6 months) for short-term accounts copy of short-term deposit contracts + fine print for all items The amount of personal income for bank accounts should be specified.
For long-term accounts

Depositing card with a financial certificate issued by the relevant international bank affairs.
Minimum account balance

For example, the minimum account balance for each Schengen visa applicant should be 40 million USD. But there are a few points you should pay attention to:

The head of the family should have at least 124 million tomans.

The sudden increase in account balances is not accepted by embassies at all.

The presence of a passenger in the embassy is required for the submission of documents and fingerprints.

Document property

Principal ownership document called passenger

Principal passport with a minimum of 6 months of validity, along with the original passport of the past (in the absence of a passport, the required form of completion of the form is required)

Four pieces of photo 4 * 6 (new, colored, whole, with bright background)

Identity Identity

Principle of marriage document

Original national card
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