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xiao1236 04-12-2018 03:58 AM

quality laminate flooring cannot be bought
since now, due to the shortage of raw materials, the price trend has been very stable, ranging from 100 yuan to 1,000 yuan per square meter, and 100 yuan to 200 yuan per square meter The price comparison has been recognized by consumers. In the face of the upcoming “11,” several well-known solid wood flooring brands have stated that they will not conduct price promotions. In terms of competition, service and quality are the main
means as far as possible. A person in charge of Chint Wood stated that during the National Day, they will formulate "package services" based on the size of the customer's different types of flats, and give certain benefits, but they will not simply cut sales. The industry believes that in 2003 will be the reshuffle of wood flooring. Many small brands must be eliminated or merged. This reshuffle will first be reflected in the strength of the company,
followed by the price, quality and service of the product. During the "3·15" period this year, iconic and other well-known enterprises have sincerely reminded consumers that five kinds of poor quality laminate flooring cannot be bought. At the same time, many companies also introduced new products, which made people feel that the wood flooring brand has abandoned the blind price reduction strategy. In addition, quality and service
began to start an article. Anti-microbial sports staged on the floor The floor is not so much a "fight for September this year's busy season," it is better to say that it is a considerable level of "floor high-tech" strength contest. First of all, Shengda launched the "anti-bacterial" floor in July, firing the first shot of marketing in the flooring industry. The propaganda campaign of the business is "in full swing" and strives to fight for the first pot of gold in
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